Updating Basic Content

NOTE:  This is a guide for working within the updated HubSpot editor.  If you still  prefer to work in the older version, you can check out this blog post for more relevant screen shots and instructions


The HubSpot COS is a Content Management System that makes it easy to publish content. But sometimes when you’re just starting out, you might not think that easy is the right way to describe it.  Let us walk you through some of the basic changes you can make so you can get started.

How to Set Your HubSpot Email Template to Be Responsive

Sometimes, when you purchase an email template from the HubSpot marketplace setting to have the template as a responsive template, is not set by default. If this appears to be the case, this is a very easy fix by simply following the instructions below.

Changing Your Parallax Image

NOTE: if you are not using the new COS Page Editor or have purchased one of our older templates, this option may not be available. For documentation on changing out your parallax image manually, click here

Editing Global Modules

  1. In the Content dropdown, click on the Design Manager. In the left sidebar, you will see an option for Global Groups.

How To Attach Your Stylesheet

You may have been making changes to your stylesheets and not seeing them show up when you go to preview the site.  This can be caused by the stylesheet not actually being attached to the page.  This can happen when HubSpot delivers you the template or when you clone a page and stylesheet.  Don't worry, getting your stylesheets attached is a very easy process and only takes a few steps.

How Do I Start Using The COS? Our Guide Has the Answers!

The HubSpot COS is a wonderful tool.

It allows users to publish professional websites and content with ease. Using the COS can be intimidating, however, familiarizing yourself with it, can have an immense impact on your business. Using Rich Text Modules and Global Group Modules liven up your websites and only simplify your ability to maintain consistency in your branding efforts, but do these names seem completely foreign to you? What about Parallax Backgrounds? The uncomplicated creation of Parallax Backgrounds, or images that move with the visitor of your site as he or she scrolls down a page on your websites, is just another benefit of the COS software.

The HubSpot COS: How to Change a Parallax Background Image

UPDATE: If you are working in the new COS Page Editor and are working with one of our newer templates, there is a faster and easier way to switch out your images. You can find the documentation here.


The biggest trend in website design right now has to be the scrolling parallax template. This is a technique where a background image stays in the same location, or scrolls at a different relative speed, as the rest of the page scrolls. (For an example, check out the template we'll be using in this tutorial!)

As HubSpot Certified Design Partners, we have had the opportunity to take the HubSpot COS to the next level and include Parallax effects in our templates.

Since the parallax effect does require some CSS and HTML coding skills, it can be difficult for the average user to update their parallax and background images in the HubSpot COS. Below, we've put together a handy guide for how to update your parallax and background images in the HubSpot COS content editor. Check it out!

The HubSpot COS: How to Update Basic Content [Guide]

NOTE:  HubSpot is in the process of updating to a new Site Page Editor.  This is the guide to use if you are still using the old editor. If you are working within the new editor, we have developed a new blog post.


The HubSpot COS is a very intuitive content management system, but it is also a very new content management system, which means you may have some questions about the basics. How do I update my COS content? How do I add images? What on earth is a rich text module?

Never fear! As an inbound marketing agency, Brand Builder Solutions has all the know-how you need to get that new website of yours up and running. Content optimization is key, so let us help you build a clean, functional site that will help boost your inbound potential!

Brand New Template for the HubSpot COS!

As one of the first HubSpot Certified COS Design teams, we take pride in our COS work. Especially with January sneaking up on us, more and more HubSpot customers are looking at migrating their site to the COS once they can keep analytic continuity.

COS Tips and Tricks: Why You Need Global Modules and How to Use Them [Instruction & Videos]

NOTE: HubSpot is currently updating its content editor and this guide is for using the old way of doing it. If you want help using the new editor check out this post for creating global modules and this one for how to edit them.


Downloading a HubSpot COS template is exciting! In general, these templates are very easy and intuitive to use. Click here to add content, type there to build a blog post, upload here to add an image... however not everything about the COS is as obvious as it could be.

This blog post will take a look at Global Modules, why they're beneficial, and how to use them in your COS site.

Helpful resources, tips, and how-to's for the HubSpot COS.

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