Get Closer to Your Customers by Adding a Team to Your Template

When you buy a template you get a team. Our team has done hundreds of projects in different ways, while focusing on rapid deployment. Our experience has given us a way to work with you on figuring out what's needed for your website. Once we know more about what you are trying to do, we will give you options and recommendations on getting the best results and the best return.


Sites Made with Templates Plus a Team

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How Templates Plus Works

1. Choose A Template Pack an a Base

The 50 + page HubSpot template pack you select at the start of the project will serve as the basis of your new website.

How do I know which one to choose?

Before selecting a template pack, it's important to first define your objectives step by step.

We've created a quote builder that sets the parameters for the gameplan for your new site.

2. Find a Templates Plus Package

Our Team offers several options with our website packages to provide a solution customized best for you.

The team who helps will advise on this

When selecting your package, it's also important to find the best teammate to match your project.

Once you share your objectives with us from step 1, we will set up an interview with you and our team.

3. Get Started on Your New Website!

We focus on a rapid time to launch. We want to make sure you have everything you need to get your site up quickly!

Is it really that easy?

You should be able to work as independently as you would like on your website. (We don't believe in holding you hostage to code!)

Whether you're creating the site on your own, or we're handling most of it, our team is here to support you in meeting your project deadline.

 What are the benefits?

Quick Time to Launch

With clean code, variety of layouts, and easy customization capabilities, our templates help you get your job done faster and easier. Our goal is to provide you with what you need on time and on budget. We respect your budget and timeline so having expectations set ahead of time is necessary.

Get Started

Process Driven

We have done hundreds of website projects and have gotten it down to a science. Our process is streamlined. We don't want to overcomplicate it. We want to keep it simple and action oriented.

Templates Plus a Team

When you buy a template pack, you get a team. We have worked with many clients supporting them with our services beyond the template. This could be creating custom pages, ongoing hired development, or taking the template and working with you to launching your redesigned site.

We are flexible.  If we know more about you and what you are trying to do, we will give present options and recommendations on getting the best outcome and the best return.

Highly Customized

Not only are the templates themselves extremely customizable, but the entire Templates Plus process is highly flexible to best fit you and your needs.

You decide what you can do on your own. You also decide how much you'd like us to be involved in the process. We are here to make your job easier, in the best way that you see fit.


Built By Marketers For Marketers

Every member of our team has a background in marketing and development. We get it. These aren't just any templates. They are built with strategy.

Your site will be designed to act like a salesperson. It's job is to generate leads.

The website buying process is broken. The biggest problem is not knowing how to buy a website. We believe we've fixed that problem with our model.


Success Consultants Will Help You Get the Results You're Looking For

At the start of the project, you will be assigned a team from BBS to get your work done. Your Success Consultant will guide you through the entire process.


Great Service and Experience!"

"I highly recommend Matt, BBS and their team... I've worked on a few website redesign projects and this website redesign with BBS was by far the best and least painful experience. Don't hesitate to work with BBS."

- Tatiana Falconi, Ignite AG

What suits you best?

Package 1

Template Pack Plus Success Set Up

"I have the resources to get this project done on my own. I just need help with set up."

Included in Package 1:

  • 50+ page HubSpot template pack
  • FREE Custom Set Up of the template pack (including colors, branding, and styles)
  • 1 hour of one-on-one Training with a member of our team
  • 1 hour of development time for further customizations

Template Pack $995

Package 2

Template Pack Plus Lean Launchpad

"I need help getting started with a site that's under 10 pages."

Included in Package 2:

  • Everything in Package 1 PLUS...
  • A Success Consultant dedicated to your project
  • Consultative Migration plan
  • Template Customizations to fit your content and assets
  • Content Migration services and page creation

Talk to Our Team

Package 3

Template Pack Plus Customized Site

"I need help from a team to get a Custom Launchpad Site up quickly."

Included in Package 3:

  • Everything in Package 2 PLUS...
  • A team of Success Consultants to get your launchpad site up
  • Custom Homepage layout
  • Custom Homepage design
  • Full Migration services
  • Analytical package options
  • Ongoing customization options

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Templates + Package Comparison

Trying to figure out which Templates + package is for you? The concept of these packs isn't ridgid.

They are custom solutions with many options available to suit what you need.

50+ Page HubSpot Template Pack

Customization of the Template Pack to match your Brand Styles

One-on-one Training with a Developer

A Success Consultant Dedicated to Your Project

Migration Services

Custom Homepage Layout and Design

Analytical and Ongoing Customization Options

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3


Why Should I Choose Templates + Over a Custom Website?

Templates + focuses on a quick time to launch and and streamlined website buying process. Our template packs are used as the base for the site. Completely custom sites will take longer to develop and could be costly.

Our Templates have several layout options and can be easily customized. It's a win win: The flexibility of a custom site within your redesign budget and timeline!

Am I Limited to the Package Options?

No, not at all! The the packages are there just to give you an idea what you can get for what price.

We are always able to customize your gameplan to your exact needs.

If you have something specific in mind that you don't see in one of our packs, we can discuss different options on what solution will work best for you and your project.

What if I Only Need a Few Templates or Pages Built?

All of our packs include 50 + templates. We do that so that you have a variety of options and layouts. Our templates also make it easy to pick and choose different elements from pages and combine them into the layout you need.

If you're thinking you only need a few pages to start with, that's fine. With the added inventory of the full pack, you'll be able to use the stylized templates in the future for any new pages you may need.


How We Work

One of the biggest problems is not knowing how to buy a website. We've created a process that fixes that.

See how our process works  →

Build a custom quote for your website →