Migrating from the CMS to the COS? Here's What You Must Know

If you're a HubSpot Customer, you probably have heard a thing or two about the new HubSpot COS, or Content Optimization System. You also have probably heard a lot of information regarding migrations, analytics, COS Certifications, and much, much more.

The COS itself is a wonderfully simplistic system, but boy, figuring out when and where and how to get on it can sure seem complicated!

Keep reading to see what your business needs to know about your site migration from the HubSpot CMS to the COS.

COS Tips and Tricks: Updating Your Template Site Menu

The new COS is here! That means that many people are investigating migrating their current sites to the new system. Some HubSpot customers are already getting their feet wet with COS Templates available for purchase on the Marketplace.

While the COS is easy to use for content, some pieces of the layout may be a little trickier for users. Check out our guide to updating your COS site menu below!

4 Ways to Optimize Your Homepage

Imagine you're looking for a specific service or product. What is the first thing you would do? Hop on the computer and use your favorite search engine to search for what you're looking for, of course! You're going down the list of options and you click on a link that looks promising. The first thing you're going to see is a homepage for the business that will solve all of your problems. You're going to decide in just a few seconds whether or not this is the company for you. If their homepage doesn't appeal to you, you're probably going to leave it and never come back. This is why having a great homepage is so important. Your homepage is essentially the online face of your business.

Helpful resources, tips, and how-to's for the HubSpot COS.

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