How Do I Start Using The COS? Our Guide Has the Answers!


The HubSpot COS is a wonderful tool.

It allows users to publish professional websites and content with ease. Using the COS can be intimidating, however, familiarizing yourself with it, can have an immense impact on your business. Using Rich Text Modules and Global Group Modules liven up your websites and only simplify your ability to maintain consistency in your branding efforts, but do these names seem completely foreign to you? What about Parallax Backgrounds? The uncomplicated creation of Parallax Backgrounds, or images that move with the visitor of your site as he or she scrolls down a page on your websites, is just another benefit of the COS software.

Without extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS these tasks can be very tricky, if not impossible.  In order to make use of all of the features the COS has to offer, it is important to establish a basic understanding of the COS lingo and which buttons do what.

Thankfully, here at Brand Builder Solutions, we can explain all of the basics the COS including how to update content, create Global Group Modules, edit Global Group Modules, and change a Parallax Background, through our updated Guide to the HubSpot COS.

Download our eBook and get cracking on a total website overhaul that will change the way you obtain business for the better! Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any additional questions about the COS, or need help enhancing your Inbound marketing game. Happy building!


Download this great new Ebook below, and contact us with any questions on your new COS templates! We're here to help, and we can even customize your templates further on the back end of things.Contact us today to find out more and don't forget to download the e-book, Beginner's Guide To The COS!

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