Life Efficiency (A benefit of sales efficiency)

I've been working with Rick Roberge for a month and a half.

What I am learning fast is this.  "Sales" is everywhere.  And it's because people are everywhere.

And success and happiness lies in not wasting time with the wrong people.  Prospects or whoever...

Ask yourself...  Am I getting everything done at home?  Are things piling up?  Are people distracting me taking up my time?

If you can acheive sales efficiency have you tried life efficiency?

Can You Relate To This?


My girls first grade teacher hasn't yet figured out how to handle my little clone...  She's an independent thinker, a bit disruptive, and easily bored.  Let's just say not a "do it cause I said so" kid.  She's gonna ask "Why" in her mind.  Why did you say so?  If you don't have a good reason, she ain't going along with it.  You exert force she pushes back.   A little bit like sales?

Anyway...  Here's an exchange with teacher.  It's about getting what I want, what my girl wants, and what teacher wants without wasting a bunch of time.



"I hope you're having a nice week. I wanted to let you know that Suzie had a difficult day today. She was constantly talking, not completing work, and was talking back to a recess teacher. I provided her with many reminders, however she still had difficulty. I realize that this is an exciting time of year, however we still have work to be done in the classroom. I have had her use recess time to think about his behavior. However, I would appreciate any reinforcement you could provide at home. I told her she could share her student of the week things when she was on green!"


I sent out this simple email:

"What did she say to the recess teacher?

Did the thinking time make an impact?

Any advice on reinforcement?

Have you encountered this before with other students?"

She wrote a long one back...  Here are the answers next to the questions to spare you from the boredom:

Me: "What did she say to the recess teacher?" Teacher: She told the recess teacher she wasn't talking  / Thought: Does that deserve a letter to me?

Me:  "Did the thinking time make an impact?" Teacher: Suzie seemed to be remorseful following her thinking time / Thought: Why are you emailing me if it worked?

Me:  "Any advice on reinforcement?" Teacher: Any type of positive reinforcement, such as earning a special treat for good colors might be helpful / Thought: We do this...  But really aren't we trying to get her to be "remorceful"... That is sarcasm.

Me: "Have you encountered this before with other students?" Teacher: I have seen similar situations in the past. / Thought: If you have been in a similar situation why is this complex?

My next email:

What's the contact information of the Guidance Counselor?

How would you have handled this?

Why did I handle it this way?
First, it was very efficient.  Four sentences all very brief.
This teacher is 26.  Not married, no kids.  I found this out before initiating contact.  No experience with children one on one.

Her answers showed me I can't help her.  She wasn't really asking for help.  So I just want to make sure my girl is happy.

The problem wasn't going to be solved with the teacher.  I didn't waste time.  I went to the Guidance Counselor who is at least credentialed in this area.

Normally I would have gone down other paths.  Maybe continued an email chain.  Maybe a meeting with the teacher.  Then a meeting with others.  Etc...  Probably ticking off the teacher.  Thus creating a bigger problem for Suzie.  Creating a lot of stress at home.  Wasting time that is better spent happy.

We don't aim to solve your life problems... but we can show you how to fix the people problems that stand in between you and success in business.

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