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Imagine you're looking for a specific service or product. What is the first thing you would do? Hop on the computer and use your favorite search engine to search for what you're looking for, of course! You're going down the list of options and you click on a link that looks promising. The first thing you're going to see is a homepage for the business that will solve all of your problems. You're going to decide in just a few seconds whether or not this is the company for you. If their homepage doesn't appeal to you, you're probably going to leave it and never come back. This is why having a great homepage is so important. Your homepage is essentially the online face of your business.

So, how do you create a homepage that will attract visitors and turn them into real customers? It's easier than you might think.

Here are 4 steps to a better homepage:

Step 1: Determine your goals

Ask yourself, 'What is the goal of your business?' Think about what your business is, what is does, what it's trying to accomplish. Decide what you want to say to your customers. Be clear and concise. You want your visitors to be able to figure out who you are and what you do as soon as the click onto your website. Don't overload your homepage with a ton of details. It's important to spend time really analyzing your business before you start any kind of content drafting or designing. Check out our guide to a website redesign here to help!

Step 2: Design your first draft

Once you've figured out what is the most important content that you want to display on your homepage, it's time to start designing what you want the page to look like. Try out a paper prototype first. Quickly draw up a draft of your future page. It doesn't have to look pretty or fancy. You just want to be able to show your team what you want and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Go through a few different designs until you've included everything that you need. A good homepage include Calls-To-Action, benefits and features, supporting images, and success stories, so be sure to include these in your homepage as well.

Step 3: Create your wireframe

Now that you've got an idea of what your homepage will look like, have your designer get started on the actual design. With a wireframe prototype of your page, you will clearly get to see your design come to life. Take this time to analyze the design and if necessary, make some revisions on it. Get everything exactly how you want it before you start building the real page.

Step 4: Test your homepage

Get some friends, family, anyone, to check out your design. Listen to their feedback and learn from it. Think about what they liked, didn't like, suggestions or concerns and make adjustments as needed. Be sure visitors are able to see what you want and do what you want them to do.


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