How do I Clip a Zoom Video on a Chromebook?

Last week I worked on a video with my friend and recorded it to Zoom.

He's not a video editor, he's a sales coach.  The best there is.  I'm the techie.


How do I clip them?

He emailed me this:


Joe, started listening. Check these out. How do I clip them?
Also, I was looking for something else and found this from 2014.

Clip 4:25 - 5:07 Why did Rick change his profile picture?

Clip 7:50 - 8:22 Monica Lewinski



He uses a chromebook and I'm sharing with him and you the way to do this.

I spent 20 minutes writing up instructions.   He spent 3 hours with no result.  YIKES!


There's no good way to make a video clip from a Chromebook that I know of.

Whatever you do...  DON'T TRY IT WITH VLC MEDIA.


This post will be updated with an answer to the question soon.  I'm going to try some recommendations on my Chromebook and I'll come back with some helpful ways.

I used my Mac instead and Rick has his files.


Here are his video clips.

Why Did Rick Change His Profile Picture?


Monica Lewinski



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