4 Reasons your Agency should use free Zoom.Us vs Other Video Conferencing Tools

Zoom is the ultimate communication tool.  It has transformed how our business has done work with agencies and busy marketers in a "remote" world.

Zoom has taken over the world quicker than most software companies in a highly competitive space.  There's a lot of selection in video conferencing.  Zoom came out of no where and dominated the market with an awesome product and a very useful free version.


Why use the Zoom Free Version?

1. At a free level it supports conference calls, video calls, screen sharing ability to make recordings of video and screen shares and more.

2. It's a fully use full product even as a free tool but it just has a time limit per call. That time limit was 40 minutes when we started using it. But you could just start up another meeting right away.


3. Even the free version supports the zoom app on your phone so you can take a video call from your car.


4. The free version will become an integral part of your business and the paid version has so many awesome things that you will want to give zoom your money for them.  Gladly pay them.  There hasn't been a product I've enjoyed paying for more than zoom.  They don't gate value in the product.  They earn the purchase by taking a viable free product and just making it all the more awesome! 


Why buy Zoom?

Zoom earns your "purchase" by removing the time limit and adding some great features. It's awesome for webinars. It also allows you to use a green screen to record product demos, or even use it for conference calls and webinars.


Why agencies need Zoom (and sales teams do too!)

In today's day you need to face to face business without being in the same room, the same city, or even the same country. There are tools that do this but none are as easy as Zoom. Zoom has allowed us to do high levels of collaboration with teams, partners, and our family of customers with ease.


Zoom.Us has the most amazing hidden benefit for teams


The ability to easily call someone on your team and use screen sharing makes it even better than working on a project in the same office. You can totally eliminate your conference room and have everyone engaged in a meeting AND logged into the myriad of tools like Slack, your CRM of Choice, your Project Management product of your choice and work together in real time. This is truly agile. No back seat drivers standing over someone's shoulder saying where to be on the screen as you collaborate. Everyone can jump into a shared environment in the meeting. I think using this internally may be one of the largest undersold benefits of the product.

By creating "remote" habits in the HQ it allows to create an environment that doesn't isolate remote members of the team. You can build a hybrid team and remove the barriers that can normally exist.


What's next for Zoom?

Zoom is improving every day. I'd like them to make it even easier to start calls and connect with people we talk to who never used it before. It's definitely the easiest to use. However a lot of time can be wasted when people are dialing in and trying to figure out audio. "Can you hear me now?"


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