Template Custom Setup

What is Basic Custom Template Setup?

The Basic Custom Setup is a FREE service we provide with any Full Template Pack purchase. This includes customization like applying your brand colors, fonts and logos across the entire template pack!

Once the pack is setup, you will have over 50 templates styled out that you can pick and choose from for your website redesign project or use in the future at your discretion. 

Applying Brand Colors

We match your brand colors and exact hex codes across the entire new pack.

Updating Typography

We update the stylesheet to include your specific fonts, sizes and lineheights.

Global Headers & Footers

We take your logo and navigation and apply them to the global header and footer.

Which Templates are Eligable for Free Setup?

All of our full paid HubSpot Template Packs ($995) are eligible for Basic Custom Setup. Each of these packs include over 50 templates and have a variety of layouts and customization options.

Here is a list of our full Template Packs that you can choose from:

→ Briefcase Pack

→ Kaleidoscope Pack

→ Bustle Pack

→ Optimize Pack

How Long Does It Take to Complete Custom Setup?

It will take us about 2-5 business days after you send over all of the necessary assets to complete the custom setup.

Our team works very quickly and is highly responsive. We will send you an email once the setup is complete.

How Can I Request Free Custom Setup?

After you purchase one of our templates from the HubSpot marketplace, a member of our team will reach out to you about customization options.

Request Free Custom Setup


If you have any questions, you can live chat with a member of our team now.

*Important Note on Custom Setup

We offer this free basic custom setup for our Paid Full HubSpot Template Packs only. This is a PAID service for our starter packs, trial packs, or free packs.

If you're looking for more customization help from our team, we'd be happy to help! We've done hundreds of site refresh projects and would be glad to speak to you before you get started on your project.  :-)

Talk to a member of our team now to discuss the options or book a time that works for you.