Advanced Help from Our Team!

We can help take the template pack and turn it into your new site.

There are several different levels of advanced setup, depending on your timeline and budget. We believe in a phased approach. The goal is to get a site up quickly in the first phase!

Explore our different package levels below to see which may work best for you, your budget, and your project.

Select a package level below to see real examples:

Find out Which Package Level is Right for You

Request a call with a Design Expert.

Our Process of Planning Your Project


Estimate Project

Our Website Estimator tool is built around the resources you already have and helps you determine all of the missing pieces.

Team Consult

We do a consultation call with you and our team to find out what you need immediately and what can wait for a later phase.

Project Gameplan

The next step is to create your website redesign gameplan. We want to make sure you have a solid foundation for your project plan.

Package Level 1

$995- $2,995

  • Customized setup from our team
  • Styles, colors, global headers and footers
  • Requires Full Pack Purchase
  • Typically 5-10 page site refresh 


→ Use the Estimator Tool 

→ Spend time with a project planner 

→ Ask a question 


Package Level 2

Starting at $2,995

  • Customized setup from our team
  • Custom Homepage design
  • Page migration services
  • Typically 10-30 pages


→ Find out if this package works for me

→ Use the Estimator Tool


Package Level 3

Starting at $4,995

  • Custom styling
  • Custom key pages including homepage design
  • Custom functionality on key pages
  • Page Migration
  • Typically 20-50 + pages


→ Use the Estimator Tool

→ Spend time with a project planner