Website SEO & CRO Audit & Workshop

Small group working sessions
Starts Wednesday May 1st.

Attract and Convert! Unlock the full potential of your website. Limited to just 3 seats, this in-depth session promises to revolutionize your online presence. Discover hidden opportunities, and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Register now to secure your spot and ignite your website's success with insights from Joe Jerome and Brian Logan Reid. Your journey to mastering SEO Search Engine Optimization and CRO Conversion Rate Optimization begins here.




Schedule & Subjects:

  1. Week 1: Mastering SEO Foundations - Unlock the secrets of search engine algorithms and learn how to catapult your website to the top of search results.
  2. Week 2: Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics - Transform visitors into customers through strategic website design and content placement.
  3. Week 3: Advanced SEO Strategies - Delve deeper into advanced SEO techniques, including backlinking, schema markup, and local SEO.
  4. Week 4: Implementing Effective CRO Experiments - Learn how to design, run, and analyze CRO experiments that lead to actionable insights and higher conversion rates.

Time: Wednesdays, May 1, 8, 15, and 22 at 1pm Eastern Time. Each class is 1 hour, packed with insights, strategies, and interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring you get the most out of every moment.

Pricing: Unlock access to all four classes for a total investment of $1,000. This comprehensive package not only offers you exclusive insights from the minds of Joe Jerome and Brian Logan Reid but also provides you with actionable strategies that can be applied immediately to your digital marketing efforts.

Reservation and Payment: Reserve your seat now and transform your website's performance and profitability. Payment is conveniently collected after your reservation is confirmed, ensuring you're fully satisfied with your commitment to join us on this journey.

Join us for this exclusive workshop series and transform your digital marketing skills under the mentorship of Joe Jerome and Brian Logan Reid. Their proven expertise and innovative approaches will guide you towards achieving unparalleled success in your digital endeavors.

Joe Jerome
  • With over a decade of excellence as a Platinum HubSpot Partner, Joe Jerome has led his teams to develop hundreds of high-performing HubSpot websites. His expertise doesn't stop there; thousands of HubSpot users globally have benefited from his highly-rated site, landing page, and email templates. Jerome's dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in the 50 five-star reviews he has received, showcasing his ability to deliver exceptional results. Logging over 10,000 expert hours on HubSpot, Joe's profound knowledge and hands-on experience make him a leading authority on maximizing the HubSpot platform for business growth.

Brian-Logan Reid

  • BL stands as a pillar in the digital marketing community, having founded the HubSpot Academy and educated tens of thousands of HubSpot users. His comprehensive courses and workshops have become a cornerstone for those looking to master inbound marketing, sales, and customer service strategies. Beyond his contributions to education, Brian runs the HubSpot Alumni Group, connecting hundreds of ex-HubSpotters in a thriving network. As a digital marketing expert, his insights and strategies have empowered professionals and businesses alike to achieve their online marketing objectives.


This intimate setting is meticulously designed for only three participants, ensuring personalized attention and a hands-on experience that's second to none.

What You'll Learn:

  • In-Depth SEO Analysis: Dive deep into the mechanics of Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to evaluate your website's current SEO performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies that will elevate your search engine ranking.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques: Discover the art and science of converting visitors into customers. We'll walk you through a comprehensive audit of your website's user experience and show you how to tweak it for maximum conversion.

  • Hands-On Audit Experience: Roll up your sleeves as we conduct live audits of your websites. This real-world application of principles ensures you not only learn the theories but understand how to apply them to your own online space.

  • Tailored Strategies for Your Website: With the workshop's small size, you'll receive personalized feedback and tailored strategies that address the unique needs and challenges of your website.

  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Have your burning questions answered by Joe and Brian in real-time. Benefit from their extensive experience and insights in a dynamic, interactive setting.


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Pete Caputa
CEO Databox

"I discovered a flexibility and efficiency in their service-offering that I’ve never seen at a web design and development agency.

After building 100s of websites on the HubSpot platform and selling even more HubSpot CMS templates, they’ve thought of every possible scenario and turned it into a productized-service"



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Second to None

"Joe Jerome and his team at Brand Builder Solutions are second to none. At a time when it seems impossible to find a reliable, creative and "get shit done" web company, Brand Builders delivers again and again.
Not only did Joe's crew do our website, they are also our "go-to" web design/development company for all our inbound clients."

Ed H
Agency Owner

Best Service and Strategic Thinking - Fast Work

After bouncing around to several strategic partners the past 2 years I've found a friend and home with Brand Builder Solutions. My clients love their team, my team loves their team, and they get things done! I'm almost tempted to write a bad review so I can keep them for myself but that would not be fair to Joe and his team. I highly recommend them!
Ralph C
HubSpot Partner

A Rockstar HubSpot Partner!

This team is smart, responsive and knows what really matters for a website. When it comes to website design, there are a lot of shiny objects, but what you really need is a site that will help drive results.
As a fellow HubSpot Partner, we recommend the Brand Builder team to our clients all the time.
Brittany L
HubSpot Partner


1. What exactly will I learn in this workshop?

You will learn advanced techniques and strategies for optimizing your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). The workshop covers everything from foundational knowledge to advanced tactics, including live audits and personalized strategy development.

2. Who are the instructors?

Your instructors are Joe Jerome, founder of Brand Builder Solutions with over a decade of experience as a Platinum HubSpot Partner, and Brian Logan Reid, digital marketing expert and founder of the HubSpot Academy. Both are renowned for their expertise and contributions to the HubSpot community.

3. How many sessions are included, and how long is each session?

The workshop consists of 4 sessions, each 1 hour long, scheduled weekly.

4. When are the workshops held?

Workshops are held every Wednesday at noon Eastern Time.

5. What is the cost of the workshop, and what does it include?

The total cost is $1,000, which includes access to all four sessions, personalized feedback, and tailored strategies for your website's unique needs.

6. How many participants will be in the workshop?

To ensure personalized attention and an interactive learning environment, the workshop is limited to just 3 participants.

7. What if I miss a session?

Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions live for the most interactive experience. However, recordings will be available for those who unavoidably miss a session.

8. How are payments handled?

Payments are collected after your reservation is confirmed. We will provide detailed payment instructions upon confirmation.

9. Do I need any specific software or tools for the workshop?

You will need access to a computer with an internet connection. Any specific software or tools required for the workshop activities will be communicated in advance.

10. How can I make the most out of this workshop?

To maximize your learning, we recommend coming prepared with questions, actively participating in discussions, and applying the concepts and techniques to your website in real-time. Engaging with the community and networking with fellow participants will also enhance your experience.

small group working sessions

Website SEO & CRO Audit & Workshop

Register now to secure your spot and ignite your website's success with live hands on training from Joe Jerome and Brian Logan Reid. Your journey to mastering SEO and CRO begins here.