Optimized or Outcasted? 5 Items to Consider Before Your Webpage Redesign

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No one wants their business website to be ignored in today's market. Especially as the holidays are whooshing toward us, it's the critical time of year to boost your online presence or to be kicked to the curb.

Considering a redesign to be a market leader? Before you start throwing time and money into the website redesign process, take a step back. Santa is carrying a bag full of 5 considerations to help you make the decision!



1. How is the web design?

Your website doesn't need to be fancy or flashy, and, in fact, it can be very annoying for visitors to wait for too many pretty pictures to finish loading. What matters most is your website design needs to give the best impression of your company, which includes: 

  • A fast loading site
  • An appealing headline that tells visitors exactly what your company does
  • An obvious Call-to-Action

The whole point of your website is to convey the best information about your business within 3 seconds to attract visitors to your site and encourage them to choose your product or service. If your website has a poor design or is not properly conveying your company, it could have the opposite effect and drive your potential customers away. 

2. Does it convert?

Conversion is the first and most important thing for your business. What is conversion?

It is your website's ability to convert a visitor who browses your site to a paying customer. If your website converts, a visitor to your website will do exactly as you predetermine--sign up for a membership, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, click your affiliate link, etc.

Even though conversion rate depends on your buyer persona and market, if you see the website traffic is low and your visitors come and leave without having any further interaction with your site, you need to be aware that there is something wrong.

3. How well is your Call-to-Action working?

To get a web visitor to take a specific action, the first thing you need to do is to push aside distractions and make your call-to-action obvious, which means:

  • Layout is Obvious
  • Persona is Obvious 

Making Layout Obvious means making the CTA button(s) easy to find on the landing page or your homepage. But to tone up your convert rate, your CTA is highly suggested to be Persona Obvious.

Have you adjusted different pictures on CTA to cater to different groups of your buyer persona?

Have you targetted specific offers to each of them tailored to their unique interests or problems?

If you can't answer "yes," you might need to take necessary steps to pull site visitors deeper into the sales pipeline.

4. Is your webpage adaptable to different platforms?

Newer web browers are sprouting all over the internet, plus 89% of customers are accessing websites from mobile. To cope with this, your webpage needs to be compatible across all these platforms. You may ask: What are the features of an incompatible site?

  • Screen Size Shrink
You need to consider redesigning the website if it's difficult or impossible to see text and graphics as the home screen size changes.
  • Inaccessible in webpage links

Your website is waving a red flag if external links such as connected webpage, Flash, PDFs, and video sites could not display on different platform browers including mobile phones and tablets.

  • Segmented or broken pages

Have you seen your desktop site as a normal single page broken into segments on mobile or other platforms? It's excruciating. A single page is now treated as separate pages that kills visitors' interest plus drags down the navigation speed.

5. How long since the last time your website updated?

If the answer is greater than 12 months, you may want to consider a new design. Site aesthetics are always changing and being updated as technology advances. Which would you prefer: a modern looking site, or one circa 2002?

Old looks tend to bore customers and lose leads. To improve branding and attract traffic, redesigning is absolutely a go-to solution to keep your company name polished and customer-awareness afloat.

Start an upgrade, ignite customers' interest!


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