What your company can do to thrive on Cyber Monday? Cyber shopper-friendly Content Optimization!

Posted by Bel on 10/29/13 5:31 PM

Gone are those days companies are buy, beg, bug your way to reach shoppers. In this high-stakes world of internet technology, your website is your digital brand spokesman and the 24/7 sales rep to pitch your marketing offers.
  • Do you know that your customers are taking the heat from both online researching and their friends' buying testimonials, not from salespeople, before deciding to buy?


  • Have you ever realized 60% of purchase cycle is over before the buyer even talks to the salesperson
Now the calendar rocks to the tail of October, is your company's website ready to rock on fervent Cyber Monday?
Just a glimpse of some statistics will give a vision of how big 2012 Cyber Monday was:
  • 167 million US shoppers made a purchase online on Cyber Monday


  • Cyber Monday rendered 13% higher retail volume than Thanksgiving, 16% higher than Black Friday. (See stat here)

Going back to your website, if the main content is buried, non-informative and frustrating for customers to search, visitors won't possibly turn into new business but jump off to other companys' websites. To optimizing your webpage content, spin visitors to loyal customers, lifting your website on top of the search engine system, here are what you can do:

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Homepage design is a big project.

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