Thinking Talking Doing Part 2

Posted by Joe Jerome on 11/16/14 12:19 PM


We are converging... Salesman are becoming Inbound Marketers. Marketers are becoming Inbound Sales People.

Inbound Marketing is leading the thought parade on this. Notably Dharmesh Shah and figures like Rick Roberge, Pete Caputa and many many more.


What's Changed in Sales and Marketing?

Nothing is in a nice neat box anymore. That makes us all think quite a bit as we Growth Hack our business. You can get trapped in that thinking.

Think - Talk - Do, Different Orders for Different Minds

Warning No Punches Pulled...

The Sales Pro

Talk. Do. Think only when you can't deliver the sale...

That's right. You had a paper route. You sold cars. You then sold software. You never had to imagine. Your thoughts were rarely about innovation and all about improving technique. But you hung out with enough "thinkers" to believe you were one of them. But you can't do what they do on your own. Or can you?

The Marketer

Talk Think... Talk More... Evenutally Do...

Well since you aren't in sales you are probably so ticked off by that. You can't handle rejection. Everything needs to be perfect. This is why you talk. You doubt your plans. Who can blame you? Demanding CEO's. Top Line Responsibility. And those damn sales whiners. It's all your fault. Of course you need someone to "talk" to because your first to be fired. And it sure is hard to "Do" with all the finger pointing.

The Startup Founder

Think. Think. Think. Do. No Talk... Just Tweets and Texts...

Are you saying "Why am I on this list?" You want to growth hack right? You have no where to go. You don't want the "Sales Pro"he doesn't think and you can't trust him because it's all about him. "The Marketer"please... She knows all about the periphery and the talking never stops. How is she going to promote your so so very clever plan? You think so much because you are smarter than the rest. That's why you left college early. Or why you wanted to. Who needs people? You do unless you start to Talk Think and Do - efficiently and in the right order.

Are you ready for action?

We are all converging! We don't know how to get there. Everything seems nebulous. Nothing is in the nice neat box. We want to make cool things and make money. If Inbound Confuses you. If you haven't heard of Inbound. If you don't know what Growth Hacking is. If you don't know how you are going to make your "happy" revenue number? Please click here and I will do my best to help.

If you aren't on track with your marketing and just need an assessment...

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