Responsive Design vs. Mobile Site: Which Suits Your Business? [Review and Video]

Posted by Cheryl on 11/18/13 5:46 PM

integrity-devicesResponsive design is an incredible feature on any website. In fact, it's recently become the standard for site design. Ensuring that your web pages will appear correctly on any browser and device? Pretty cool. But what about mobile websites? They're friendly, app-like, and can provide what your on-the-go visitors are most likely looking for. So the question becomes:

Is responsiveness enough, or should I go mobile?

Luckily for you, we have the answer.

Going mobile can be beneficial for some businesses, based on the customers they attract and the services they offer. The Restaurant industry, for example, is one of those verticals that will benefit from having a mobile website 100% of the time. It can be built to accommodate the things that restaurant-goers need access to the most:

  • Directions

  • Menus

  • Click-to-call

  • Make a reservation online

MCKINNEYThose 4 options can be easily arranged on a custom mobile website to be the first things your visitors see, rather than trying to navigate a responsive website that isn't so easy to manage when trying to find things as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Other industries that we have seen benefit from mobile websites are Gaming and Hospitality, Entertainment, Event Services, Emergency Services, Transportation, and more.

However, not all industries will find the effectiveness of a mobile site to be worth it to their visitors. Many businesses do not need access to their customers on the go so much that they would require a new mobile site. Some industries work just fine with their responsive websites, and that's great too!

Still not sure if mobile or responsive design is for you? We also have a great video that discusses the creation of mobile websites! Check it out below!

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