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Posted by Joe Jerome on 10/5/17 11:34 AM


I just got back from Inbound 2017 and there's a lot to look forward to.

Pillar Pages, New Reporting, Bots, AI, HubSpot Connect, new HubSpot Sales, and new changes to the COS now called HubSpot CMS.

Some of this is available now.  A lot more is yet to come.


we love storyteller inbound.jpg

Thank you for the photo Storyteller Media + Communications

Did you miss the news on the CMS?  Great things coming soon...

Did you know the HubSpot CMS "Game Changer" happened months before Inbound?

What if I told you, you were the one to change the game?

By simply listening to your feedback since 2013, we worked with HubSpot to make it all even better.

After working with over 1,000 HubSpot customers on websites and campaigns we listened to the greatest challenges you faced making and updating landing pages, site pages, emails, and blogs.

What if I told you it was you.jpg

What you've been telling us 

  1. I don't want to have to get into code to make a simple update
  2. It says drag and drop but isn't
  3. My designer only knows WordPress
  4. Customizing templates can be hard
  5. Templates from the Marketplace will make me look like everyone else
  6. I want to make changes from the page editor but need to use the design manager
  7. "Easy" tools break the native interface
  8. I want to make changes but I don't have the time
  9. I can't make major changes without going to my designer
  10. Templates are not "interchangable".


Thanks for the help, here's what we did...


Introducing the first product EVER that allows anyone to create highly customized websites on HubSpot.  🎉

The best products are made by those that use them.


I'm a developer.  But I'm a founder.  So I'm "rusty."  We've always used our templates for our site and our campaigns.


As easy as our templates were to use, I still needed to call in our team every now and then.  That slowed me down. It also took the team away from their work.


If we were experiencing this, we knew you were too.


So we all gladly dedicated time to making a "framework" where I didn't need them to make awesome custom pages.  The framework is called LiftOff.





LiftOff is the easiest way for a non-coder to make a highly customized site, in a very short period of time!


LiftOff can look like anything!  Way more than just changing colors!


"Bye Bye Developer" 👋

That's a line that makes users cheer and developers cry.  We get how both sides feel.

On one hand, it's made it really easy for us as users.

On the other hand we've made a lot of what we do did obsolete.

LiftOff has been engineered to allow you to use HubSpot like you would any other popular CMS like:

  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Squarespace.

Are you wondering how Lifotff impacts other Brand Builder Solutions templates?


Meet Briefcase! Again...

The most purchased and highly rated pack on HubSpot is now on "Steroids".  The new super strength is that it's built on LiftOff.

Briefcase has gone from template to "theme".  What does that mean?


Briefcase can now go from this:


Briefcase HubSpot CMS Theme.png


To any of these:




Agency HubSpot CMS Theme.png


DIY HubSpot CMS Theme.png



Professional Services HubSpot Theme.png


Agency Video HubSpot Theme.png


Just by swapping themes custom to your brand, dragging widgets onto your page, and making page level changes.




One more thing... ☝️

Thanks to the LiftOff framework everything we build going forward on the HubSpot Marketplace will work with your site and adapt to the styles in place.


And if you get stuck we have invested in an online academy and a team here to support you with live Help, Training, Strategy, Setup, and Customization!


See how Chris swaps different templates seamlessly to blend LiftOff into Briefcase in about 3 minutes!   👀





Less Code, More Action
Brand Builder Solutions
and HubSpot.


Working on a campaign or a redesign?
Want to do it the easy way?
Have questions?

No problem! What's most helpful to you?

Chat now or setup time for a live demo?


🙏 🙏 🙏

Thank you for making it happen!


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