How the HubSpot COS Can Benefit Your Website- Why this isn't your average CMS

Posted by Bel on 2/19/14 6:40 PM

The HubSpot Content Optimization System is the next generation of website platforms for organizations looking to further merge their website and marketing efforts. In addition to the great design and reliability you’ve come to expect from HubSpot, it also offers a number of incredible features that make switching to the COS an appealing proposition.


The COS has solved several problems that plague a traditional CMS:

1. Your average CMS needs additional coding and special templates to be optimized for mobile viewers. This is referred to as "responsive design."

2. The standard CMS is a static website. Regardless of how well it is designed, it speaks to your visitors in exactly the same way. So, different people coming to that website are going to have the exactly same experience. Its content is not tailored to the specific context.

Quality content is super important to the inbound story. And the reality is that though even the best content without context may not be that successful. Context is all about understanding how you’ve already engaged with your visitors, and the relationship you’ve spent time constructing. Context is about using those to have more intelligent conversations with your visitors.

The COS is the first integrated website, blog and landing page system to be optimized for mobile right out-of-the-box. Fully integrated with every marketing channel, it adapts to each viewer’s unique context.

New Features of the COS:

  • Flexible HTML


The template editor in the new HubSpot COS offers much more control over your HTML by allowing you to add CSS classes and IDs to your modules. You can also go beyond HubSpot's visual editor and work directly in the template code and create whatever custom structure you prefer. In the old HubSpot CMS,you were limited by the specific template you were using and it was difficult to give unique styles to pages in the HubSpot CMS. In the new COS it's much, much easier because of the visual editor and the ability to easily add CSS classes.

  • Smart Content + Template Builder


The template Builder is designed to allow for new templates to be created easily. It is simple user interface allows you to setup styles and layouts easily so that even non-technical folks can modify and create new ones.

Smart Content fully leverages the integration between the website and the contact database. By knowing who is viewing the page, you gain the ability to tailor your messaging towards them. For instance, if you keep your list of customers synced with HubSpot, you can include different messaging for them than you do to just the normal website visitors. Instead of begging manual labor to self-segmenting leads, smart content is speaking with different content to each individual visitors and different context. This is helpful to understand when constructing your pages in the template builder, as "Rich Text Modules" are where you can add smart content filters to your website.

  • Built-in Social Features + SEO Benefits


Google frequently rolls out updates to its algorithm and the latest one has started to focus on usability and responsive metrics in its ranking. The COS has Google+ social features, which helps your website to gain SEO benefits. The HubSpot COS also comes with Twitter card integration included. This means that your blog can easily take advantage of the summery view in Twitter streams without have to integrate it into the COS, a very useful feature for building up a Twitter following.

  • Fast Load + Responsive Design


HubSpot COS is built on top of the same infrastructure that HubSpot uses for themselves, so your website can get access to HubSpot's content distribution network(CDN). CDN has data centers located worldwide to ensure that no matter where a visitor is, your site can load on their devices quickly.

In conclusion, the COS is a powerful new tool with some nifty features you may not have known about before this article. It is definitely the way to go if you are a HubSpot customer looking to build a new website. With responsive design built in, a quick load time, and easy-to-use Smart Content, it just makes sense to opt for the COS to build your new website!

Want more information on the importance of creating COS sites easily within HubSpot? Check out our guide-- How to Make the Most of Your New COS Template.

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