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Posted by Courtney on 10/30/13 3:31 PM

conetnt-optimization-imageOptimizing a website requires in-depth thought and thorough planning.

The goal is to not only optimize your website for search engines, but to also optimize your website for your visitors.

It first starts with an understanding of the type of people you want to find your website. Once those particular individuals find your website, you want to keep them on your site.

Optimization is about creating a world-class website experience through clear content, user-friendly design, and keyword optimization.

Optimizing your website is all about setting your site up for success. Optimization being in the "Attract Stage" of the Inbound Marketing Methodology, allows you to attract visitors with the goal of converting them into customers.

Attracting visitors involves:

  • Understanding your ideal customer Demographics and Goals
  • Select quality keywords that your ideal customers use when searching

Once you are able to identify who your target customers are, you then need to create a user-friendly website experience that speaks to them (and search engines).

  • Use language that they are comfortable with/easily understood
  • Create marketing content and offers that interest them
    • Simple
    • Color schemes
    • Images
  • Guide them throughout a specific path on your website
    • Easy navigation
  • Create Call-To-Action buttons

Optimizing your website for buyer personas and search engines can open up many opportunities for your business or organiztion through inbound marketing.


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